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CBW Series soil stabilizing mixer


Product introduction

      CBW series cement stabilized soil mixing plant adopts industrial computer control, which has the characteristics of strong adaptability, high grade, high reliability, simple operation and so on. Applies to any advanced highway, airport and other base of the construction.

Main characteristics of equipment::
      1, the forced mixer without liner board technology, reduce the blade wear, card material boring cylinder and other failures, no frequent replacement of liner board trouble.
      2, weighing sensor, transducer and a computer control system, the anti-interference ability is strong, for all kinds of materials were continuous dynamic weighing, the ratio is more accurate, the material is more uniform.
     3, computer control of PC, with strong management function, friendly user interface and good man-machine conversation function, storage formulations, yield etc. data, and print output statistics, to the site management, scheduling, monitoring provides strong support, improve the whole level of automation and reliability of the whole machine.

Product parameters


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