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ARHR5120 Asphalt road hot-in-place recycling equipment

Product introduction

Heating system

    Advanced and high efficiency hot air circulation heating system, energy saving 30% above, the temperature control accuracy can reach 2.5, ensure that the asphalt is not easy to aging. Reasonable air distribution design, ensure that the temperature of the heating surface is uniform, no temperature difference。

Planing system

    The adjustable speed of the structure, the depth of the plow can be adjusted from the 0-80mm. Suitable shaver loose temperature and unique material collection structure assurance without breaking stones, does not destroy the original pavement structure and truly using 100% of the original stone.

Complex mixing system


    In the limited space, the heating area is greatly increased, the maximum temperature rise is 40, and the final temperature is 150. The shear strength of the pavement is improved by the thermal bonding technique. The metering forced intermittent mixing cylinder remixing, thereby ensuring the recycled materials mixed evenly, avoid the material segregation, temperature segregation.

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