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YBSJ Series Dry mortar mixing plant



Product introduction

        Ready mixed mortar as a new green energy-saving building materials, has forced the promotion and application of national policy. Company by virtue of the group of twenty years of production of asphalt mixing equipment experience, and the integration of the premix mixing equipment of advanced technology, independent innovation developed series of ready mixed mortar production equipment. The product structure is diverse, according to the different requirements of customers specifically designed, tailored to customers the best and most economical equipment plan. Currently the ready mixed mortar equipment in the main types of annual output is divided into: 5 million tons, 10 million tons, 15 million tons, 20 million tons, 30 million tons, 45 million tons, 60 million tons.

Control system of dry mixed mortar production line:

1, set up a variety of process recipes, save any of a variety of recipes, and automatic calibration formula data
2, set the production volume, the completion of the automatic stop after setting the output
3, according to the formula of the proportion control
4, fault alarm and display the alarm reason
5, sand metering warehouse overweight automatically stop ingredients
6, bag filter dust collector automatic control
7, sequence start and stop equipment
8, without the need to manipulate the button, the mouse on the computer to start and stop on the computer
9, Sakura, powder warehouse, finished products warehouse, overflow bin level indicator and alarm
10, cold material feeding on the ring opening ratio control
11, save for many years of production data, can query print any time production data
12, automatic compensation weighing function
13, industrial Ethernet communication technology
14, remote diagnosis function


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