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Wuxi Hui Cheng Road, Shanghai Nanjing high-speed main line span steel box girder

The 25m+35m+35m+25m 4-span continuous steel box girder, the total tonnage of about 2000 tons, completed in 2010.


Product introduction

       With steel as the main construction material of the bridge, with high strength, stiffness, relative to the concrete bridge can reduce the weight of Liang Gao and. The steel bridge is made in the factory, the construction site is in short, the construction period is short, the processing is convenient and is not affected by the seasons. So the bridge steel structure is widely used in our country.
       From the beginning of 2009, XITONG company relying on existing equipment and technology research and development strength strong cut bridge steel structure, new heavy 25000m2 workshop, added 100 tons of drive a vehicle, 50 tons of gantry crane, NC high-power laser cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC bending machine, MZ1000 submerged arc welding machine, CO2 gas shielded welding, arc spraying machine equipment, and the introduction of welding inspection personnel and equipment to establish the standard of physical and chemical laboratory. So far, the tin has been processed, the installation of various types of steel structure bridge over 10000 tons.

Steel tube arch bridge

The steel box girder segment

Box type arch bridge



X-style arch bridge

Basket type concrete filled steel tube arch bridge

Incremental launching construction







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